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The pollution is getting so bad in London that people are moving out

Schools are also fundraising to supply face masks for children.

Canada is adding two fully-electric ferries to its fleet

Ontario has made investing in innovative green technology part of its commitment to sustainable transportation.

A new pill could make insulin injections a thing of the past

Oramed Pharmaceuticals is doing clinical research under the direction of the US FDA for an insulin pill that could change the rules for diabetes treatment.

Heathrow Airport unveils plans for 'carbon neutral' growth

In an effort to appease critics, the airport is focusing on four key environmental strategies.

Microplastics found in gut of every sea turtle in new study

Plastic was found in the gut of every single sea turtle examined in a new study, casting fresh light on the scale of plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

Teflon replacement on track to test definition of hazardous chemicals

After PFOS and PFOA manufacture was discontinued due to fears about potential health effects, companies had to find substitutes that could provide the same technical benefits of perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs.

Maersk to end carbon emissions from shipping by 2050

The shipping industry has been in terrible shape for years, with far too much capacity, declining income and more expensive fuel.

Puerto Rico wants to switch to 100 percent renewable energy

An ambitious clean energy bill was already passed by the Puerto Rican Senate.

Europe’s first elephant sanctuary will soon open in France

With more and more countries banning wild animals from circuses, these gentle giants will need a nice place to go after their circus careers.

Your phone could soon tell if you're having a heart attack

A newly developed App from AliveCor could be a major game changer for heart health.

42% of global coal plants are losing money

New wind and solar will be cheaper than 96% of all existing coal by 2030.

New research finds a way for our body to self destroy cancer

The method builds on an ancient mechanism that is built right into every cell in our body.

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