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Lurking in Genomic Shadows: How Giant Viruses Fuel the Evolution of Algae

Viruses are tiny invaders that cause a wide range of diseases, from rabies...


Air Pollution Costs Utahns Billions Annually and Shortens Life Expectancy by Two Years

Air pollution has been a problem in Utah since before the territory was...


Community Helps Scientists Evaluate Wildfire Smoke Forecasts

During the smoky summer of 2018, two wildfires in Utah County burned a...


COVID-19 Highlights Risks of Wildlife Trade

Many diseases, such as COVID-19, have made the jump from animals to people...

Abundance of Prey Species is Key to Bird Diversity in Cities

Urbanisation represents a drastic change to natural habitats and poses multiple challenges to many wildlife species, thereby affecting the o...

Are E-cigarette Users at Greater Risk of Poor Immune Response to Flu, COVID?

In a controlled study of smokers, nonsmokers, and e-cigarette users, University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers found that ...

Climate Extremes Drive Changes in Antarctic Bottom Water

British Antarctic Survey contributes to new international study that finds a surprising increase in the amount of dense water sinking near A...

Today it teems with wildlife, but South Georgia's human history is marked by decades of industrial-scale whaling.

That will now be commemorated by a series of sculptures set to become one of the most remote art installations on Earth.

New Bandage Helps Heal Broken Bones

This new futuristic method can change how broken bones are treated.

Tropical Peatland Conservation Could Protect Humans From New Diseases

Conservation of tropical peatlands could reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood of new diseases jumping from animals...


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Tropical Peatland Conservation Could Protect Humans From New Diseases

Conservation of tropical peatlands could reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood of new diseases jumping from animals...

Study Improves Ability to Predict How Whales Travel Through Their Ocean Habitat

Scientists at the New England Aquarium’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life recently published a study that could help researchers learn...

Beeless Honey Helps Save Native Bees

Vegan honey made without bees is the latest buzz.

Climate Change Challenge: All Eyes On The Blue Marble

Aotearoa has committed to net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases, other than biogenic methane, by 2050. Is that enough? Finlay Macdonald...

Researchers Count 13 New Species Of Fanged Arachnids In The Pilbara

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum have discovered 13 new species of the elusive ‘spri...

Making Biodiesel From Dirty Old Cooking Oil Just Got Easier

A global team including researchers from The University of Western Australia has developed a powerful, low-cost method for recycling used cooking...

Bringing Buildings To Life

Could buildings imitate living organisms? Negin Imani has created a tool translating natural thermoregulation strategies into architectural ...

How To Save Southern Right Whales From Extinction - Genetics Hold The Clue  

Researchers from The University of Western Australia are part of a global team that has assembled the DNA of Southern Right Whales.



Campaign against abuse

Campaign against abuse

Velatón for Colombia

Velatón for Colombia

Cinema in Motion

Cinema in Motion

Measuring the True Cost of Conservation

For decades, scientists have been warning about potential future effects of global climate change, including more frequent wildfires, longer...

UNB And Parks Canada Announce Research Chair In Aquatic Restoration

The Government of Canada is investing in research expertise and the future of Atlantic salmon with the establishment of a Parks Canada Research...

Exploring Hot Deep-Sea Vents for Signs of Extreme Life

Microbiology professor Jim Holden, a researcher in the School of Earth and Sustainability, recently received a three-year, $441,219 grant from...

Researchers Partner With Industry To Make Food And Pipelines Safer, Agriculture Smarter

Backed by $2 million from the federal government and partner organizations, University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers aim to make Arctic...

Covid vaccine shows nearly 95% protection

A new vaccine that protects against Covid-19 is nearly 95% effective, early data from US company Moderna shows.

Extra £40m for green spaces in England, Boris Johnson pledges

A further £40m is to be ploughed into green spaces in England as part of a plan to restore species and combat climate change.