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World Blood Donor Day

Every year, on 14 June, the world celebrate to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

World Oceans Day

Since 2009 we celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life.


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Beat Plastic Pollution

Refuse what you can’t re-use

The Story of Climate Justice

The ongoing Human Rights and Climate Change investigation turns the spotlight on the experiences of Filipinos. It’s a chance for their story to be heard.

Ireland will end its abortion ban

After record turnouts and landslide victory for 'Repeal'

This amazing Filipino man builds prosthetic legs for fellow amputees

Roby lost his leg in a motorbike accident. Now he builds prosthetic legs for other amputees.

France plans to ban stores from throwing away unsold clothes.

France will ban stores from throwing away unsold clothes

World Environment Day

The message is simple: reject single-use plastic. Refuse what you can’t re-use. Together, we can chart a path to a cleaner, greener world

Irish people all around the world are traveling #HomeToVote in the abortion referendum

It seeks to overturn a 1983 referendum

6 steps to protect forests and biodiversity

Greenpeace is fighting for forest protection around the globe to stop deforestation and degradation.

What if we talked to straight couples the way we talk to gay couples?

It's time to end the stereotypes about same-sex couples

International Day for Biological Diversity

Photo: U.S. National Park Service. Biological diversity — or biodiversity...

The Repair Cafe international are waging war on our throwaway culture

At the repair cafe, volunteer experts will help you fix items in return for a voluntary contribution.

Sea turtles return to nest again on this once trashed beach in Mumbai

This beach in Mumbai was once completely covered in trash. After a massive community clean-up, the beach is now once again being populated by sea turtles

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