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Calls to protect great apes from threat of infection

Conservation experts are calling for urgent action to protect our closest...


Green energy plant threat to wilderness areas

Wind, solar and hydro power installations pose a growing threat to key...


Spain’s death toll surpasses China’s

Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus has surpassed the official figure...


Over 400,000 volunteers sign up in just one day to help Britain's NHS tackle COVID-19

The UK government was aiming to reach 250,000 volunteers in total.

Cars are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions

Barcelona, London, and Paris are some of the cities taking major strides in getting rid of cars.

Earth's deepest ice canyon vulnerable to melting

East Antarctic's Denman Canyon is the deepest land gorge on Earth, reaching 3,500m below sea-level.

Mammal study explains 'why females live longer'

A new study that looks at lifespan in wild mammals shows that females live substantially longer than males.

Minecraft offers free lessons to children

Minecraft is making its educational worlds available free, to help pupils no longer able to attend school because of the coronavirus pandemi...

New York warns of major medical shortages in 10 days

The coronavirus outbreak in New York will get worse, with damage accelerated by shortages of key medical supplies, the city's mayor has said...

South Korea reports lowest number of new cases in four weeks

South Korea has reported the lowest number of new coronavirus cases since infection rates peaked four weeks ago, fuelling hope Asia's worst ...


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South Korea reports lowest number of new cases in four weeks

South Korea has reported the lowest number of new coronavirus cases since infection rates peaked four weeks ago, fuelling hope Asia's worst ...

New Zealand responds to coronavirus by pledging $12.1 billion for individuals and businesses

The package includes $500 million for health investments.

Asian nations face second wave of imported coronavirus cases

South Korea, China and Singapore are among the Asian countries facing a second coronavirus wave, fuelled by people importing it from outside...

Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as coronavirus spreads

Levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions are showing significant drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel...

FGM affects more countries than previous estimates suggest

FGM affects at least 92 countries, according to a study by Equality Now.

The world’s wealthiest people consume 20 times as much energy as the world’s poorest

Yet climate change will hit the world’s poorest the hardest.

'Shopping Angels' are delivering food to high-risk people in the US

Coronavirus is bringing communities together around the world.

Wales set to ban single-use plastics in 2021

The ban will target straws, cutlery, and food and drink containers.


MOXOS: A dream in the middle of the Amazon. Trailer part 1

Discover the journey of Andrea & Aida across the bolivian Amazon.


Avant Premiere

Avant Premiere

Building the world we dream.

Building the world we dream.

Ntirho Hi Twanano (trabajo en unión)

Ntirho Hi Twanano (trabajo en unión)

Red Shoe Movement | The movement behind #RedShoeTuesday

Red Shoe Movement | The movement behind #RedShoeTuesday

US volunteers to test first coronavirus vaccine

The first human trial of a vaccine to protect against pandemic coronavirus is starting in the US later on Monday, according to reports.

North Sea oil firm accused of profiting from deadly industry

A North Sea oil company with a base in Scotland has been accused of profiting from a deadly and toxic industry after two of its oil rigs ended...

An ancient tsunami may have struck Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands may at some point in the future face a major tsunami.

Canada to bar entry for most foreigners

Canada will be closing its borders to anyone who is not a citizen or a permanent resident, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced.

Kids who grow up with pets are more emotionally intelligent

Dogs and Cats can enrich our lives in so many ways.

Virginia is the first US state to pursue 100% renewable energy

The Virginia Clean Economy Act of 2020 is a major breakthrough for the state.