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How do you get 130 million girls into school? // The ONE Campaign

Posibl. TV

We asked YOU to tell world leaders that ALL #girlscount

Racism Exists in Canada

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At a reception marking Black History Month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...


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Crowdfunding site helps the homeless get their life back

Posibl. News

Social crowdfunding sites have become increasingly popular in recent years, funding anything from community projects to lifesaving and expensive medical treatments.

Small Pantry Provides Supplies For Anyone In Need

Posibl. News

When it comes to helping those in need, even small donations make a big difference.

DoorDash now delivers surplus food to fight hunger

Posibl. News

With so much food going to waste, food delivery app DoorDash figured it had the tools to dosomething about it.

Swedish Mall sells only recycled and sustainable things

Posibl. News

Swedish town Eskilstuna, has found a way to make recycling accessible for everyone.

FGM Survivor: Leyla Hussein's Story

Posibl. TV

Leyla Hussein is a Somali-British activist, writer, and licensed psychotherapist. In 2013, she founded The Dahlia Project, the UK’s first therapy service for female genital mutilation (FGM) survivors

How a whatsapp group is fighting child marriage and FGM in Kenya

Posibl. News

In rural southern Kenya, it can be difficult to reach girls at risk of experiencing genital cutting and forced marriage, but a gender officer in local government has set up a WhatsApp group to help the community intervene to protect their children.

Why she talked to her kid about sexual assault.

Posibl. TV

#Timesup. Sarah decided to share her #MeToo story with her 7-year-old.

Britain Is Now Producing More Green Energy Than Ever Before

Posibl. News

Great Britain has undergone an incredibly clean transformation, and millions of people are benefitting from its efforts.

This Rapper Helped Give 'Shameful' Anti-Homeless Benches a Perfect Makeover

Posibl. TV

A rapper and his friend made us think about how to help, not hurt, the homeless.

Medical Bracelets Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Posibl. News

Iris Shamus created a fun and approachable way to protect kids and teach them about their medical health issues.

Women are taking charge in Senegal's growing tech industry

Posibl. News

In Dakar, seven young women were gathered in the basement of a local university. Lit by the white glow of a projector screen, they tapped eagerly at laptops as the speakers covered everything from how to market your business on Instagram, to designing a website and using WhatsApp to sell your products.

Challenging attitudes to menstruation through education

Posibl. TV

In Uganda, many girls cannot afford sanitary pads. The negative beliefs and misconceptions around periods lead many girls to drop out of school.

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