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Bruno Mars is donating 24,000 turkeys to Families in Hawaii for Thanksgiving

The R&B star is giving thanks for his world tour.

Scotland Iis the first country to require LGBTQ issues be taught in schools

All state schools will be required to honor the policy.

Private companies can improve health care for women and children

The private sector works on everything from developing medication to shipping it around the world.

Shelters to shutters give jobs and homes to the homeless

Shelters to Shutters partners directly with apartment owners and operators to provide both full-time employment and affordable housing.

New HIV infections in South Africa drop almost 50 percent

Since the last major survey in 2012, the number of people getting infected with the virus went down by 44 percent.

Companies that turn CO2 emissions into something useful

Direct Air Capture technology is now at a point that solar was 20 years ago and set to be the next big thing in green tech.

Free street stores for the homeless

This is the world’s first “rent free, premises free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless”.

An Indian doctor has treated over 2 million people for free

The world's longest-serving free clinic and has been treating patients in Bangalore, India since 1974.

South Africa's government will spend millions on supporting women and youth farmers

Women and young people are instrumental in the global fight to end hunger and malnutrition.

A Billionaire is donating $1 billion to save the planet

Swiss philanthropist and conservationist Hansjörg Wyss will donate the sum over the next decade to help accelerate land and ocean conservation around the world.

Indonesians can now pay their bus fare in plastic bottles

Residents of Surabaya, can bring their empty plastic bottles and cups to the bus station and exchange it for a ticket.

Denmark wants to add environmental impact to food labels

Consumers will be able to make fully-educated purchases in the supermarket.

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