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Kindhearted people are saving animals from Hurricane Florence

Countless animal shelters on the US east coast are working tirelessly to bring animals in need to safety.

Small town in Georgia welcomes refugees with open arms

Clarkston, Georgia has been dubbed the "Ellis Island of the South" for its welcoming approach to refugees.

Giant towers could clean toxic smog in the world's most polluted megacity

Around 7 million people die each year from exposure to harmful particles in the air.

Mexico's wild jaguar population is on the rise

Since 2010, Mexico’s jaguar population has risen up to 4,800 from barely 4,000.

The walking bike for an active life

What a cool way to get around if you have trouble walking or cycling.

Paul McCartney's new song completely blasts climate-denying world leaders

On Paul McCartney’s latest album Egypt Station, there’s an allegorical song called “Despite Repeated Warnings” that describes a crazed captain who refuses to heed warnings about an imminent iceberg. Eventually, concerned passengers surround the captain and tie him up to avoid disaster.

Half-marathon in UK bans plastic water bottles

Ooho water Twitter Organizers of the 13.1-mile marathon, which is set to...

50 girls hospitalized after FGM in Burkina Faso

Girls as young as 10 months old were hospitalized after undergoing FGM.

Bikes aren't just transportation, they are climate action

They may be the single best way to decarbonize transportation.

At this grocery store people pay however much they can

Feed people instead of landfills.

The next infectious disease outbreak could kill more than 300 million people worldwide

Ebola, smallpox, influenza, AIDS, are just some of the highly contagious epidemics that have engulfed communities and countries all across the world, wreaking true havoc on the global economy and leaving millions of lives destroyed.

World hunger has spiked due to extreme weather and climate change

Producing quality food is harder under extreme heat conditions.

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