Our Ways To Move The World

Launched in 2012,  Posibl. is a multimedia company dedicated to inspire and connect the digital generation through social impact content, initiatives and events that reached 75 Million people around the world.

With an internationally awarded creative and documentary team,  with more than 20 years of experience, Posibl. is a rising voice in the media and social impact world, redefining storytelling and producing new formats that connects new generations, social entrepreneurs, daring brands, governments and institutions.

Our Mission
To inspire change and social good by promoting stories that move the world.

Stories from more than
countries in 5 continents
for profit and non for profit global partners
Recognized Celebrities and Global Leaders working with us
international awards and recognitions
One of the 5 most innovative media companies in Latin America

We have 5 Areas of Business

Posibl. Studios

Deliver unforgettable social stories that generate deep impact on our generations to move the world.

Posibl. Tv

Honest, transparent and deep immersive content to see everywhere in every moment.

Posibl. CreACTive

Generate change for people and planet, and results for companies through meaningful actions & campaigns.

Posibl. Experience

Where stories come to action. The place to share ideas, initiatives & experiences to move the 2030 Agenda Goals.

Posibl. News

Great everyday piece of content that will change your perspective about the world.

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