A Story For Children Navigating The Guidelines Of COVID-19 And Back To School

When Sara Ibrahim was at home over the summer of 2020, she recognized that her younger siblings and many of their friends were anxious and confused about going back to school, especially as the guidelines were changing often.


As a fourth-year biomedical sciences student, Ibrahim realized that she had the skills and knowledge to alleviate some of their stress about what school might be like during the COIVD-19 pandemic.

“It was then that I decided to write a short, illustrated story book and activities at the end of the book, to have the readers engaged and also informed on the rules of physical distancing and staying sanitized,” Ibrahim says. “I decided to write a story book in hopes of helping the children in my community. I wanted to communicate a little about the virus in a kid-friendly way for the younger generations, so that they can learn and have their questions answered.”

Ibrahim’s goal is to someday become a medical doctor. She has always wanted to help others and contribute positively to her community, and hopes that her chosen career path will let her make a difference for others. In the meantime, during the pandemic, she realized that she had the ability to make a difference, even while still a student, by writing this book.

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