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I dream to help poor and needy people.

I have seen people suffering from hunger, people staying on road side in heat, cold and rains. I have been trying to help those by providing them basic things to live, food & clothes. We see children begging on road starving from hunger. There are children from economic weak section of society who want to study but cannot afford. Can we help them by fulfilling their lives with hope of better future. We spend so much on our entertainment, like spending on watching movies, boozing, partying. If we could cut down some of our leisure expenses, we can use that money to help them without bearing extra on our pocket. By helping someone you will get immense satisfaction. I do not say I want money to help someone but I request you all to do something for needy people. Stretch your hand out to help someone needy and ask your friends , relatives to do the same. By this way you can seek blessings from Almighty Lord.

May no body dies of hunger, all have shelter to live, there is universal brotherhood, peace around the world.

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