An organization that is working to bring food to Mexico’s vulnerable communities during COVID-19

Bancos de Alimentos de México is ensuring people in need have access to food during the COVID-19 pandemic

Source: redbamx on instagram

Source: redbamx on instagram

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on vulnerable populations across the world, especially in Latin America, where poverty and inequality are growing fast.

In Mexico, Bancos de Alimentos de México (BAMX) — a network of 55 food banks throughout the country — is now doubling its efforts to help those affected by the crisis.

The organization, which was founded more than 25 years ago, is now working harder than ever to provide food to communities across the country. During the pandemic, it is helping approximately 2 million people by giving them food and essential products.

With a presence in more than 27 Mexican states, BAMX works directly with associations, individuals, and communities, providing food assistance to those in need.

Here’s how Bancos de Alimentos de México works: The organization rescues food that restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and farmers don’t use and donates it directly to poor families that desperately need it. In 2019 alone, BAMX rescued 120,000 tons of food.

BAMX is also the co-founder of the Global Food Banking Network — with Feeding America, Food Banks Canada, and the Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos — Which works to reduce food waste, help set up new food banks, and fight hunger.