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Iceland: Dozens of dead whales found beached

Dozens of dead beached whales have been spotted by sightseers during a...


Sudan urged to ensure justice for rape of women protesters

The Sudan Doctors' Committee said it documented 70 cases of rape during...


Russia: Large fall in bee populations

Large areas of central and southern Russia have seen a major decline in...


The UK announced its biggest direct commitment to tackle climate change in Africa

Africa is responsible for just 3% of global emissions. Yet it’ll be the...

Alzheimer's risk 'different in women and men'

Scientists say they may have discovered why more women than men have Alzheimer's disease and dementia. It has always been thought that women...

Social media use linked to depression in teens

A new study has confirmed what many of us already suspect – that prolonged time spent on social media increases depression in adolescents.

Good gut bacteria helps starving children

A diet rich in bananas, chickpeas and peanuts improves gut bacteria in malnourished children, helping kick-start their growth, research sugg...

Indian state reserves college spots for trafficking survivors

An Indian state has set aside hundreds of college places for survivors of trafficking and sexual assault, a move welcomed by anti-slavery ch...

First noninvasive mind-controlled robotic arm

New research could help people with paralysis control robotic arms with just their thoughts.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed the first case of Ebola

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the case could be a "game-changer" given the city's population of more than two million.


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The Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed the first case of Ebola

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the case could be a "game-changer" given the city's population of more than two million.

20 million children missed out on life-saving vaccines in 2018

Vaccination coverage has remained the same for almost 10 years.

Nestlé launches first recyclable paper wrappers for mass production

Snack bars will be the first line to use recyclable paper wrappers that can biodegrade in six months.

Anorexia stems from body as well as mind

The origins of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa are in both the mind and the body, according to an international study.

Earliest modern human found outside Africa

Researchers have found the earliest example of our species (modern humans) outside Africa.

England: 2 million plastic bags are still handed out every day by small shops

Campaigners want the government to double the charge and roll it out to all businesses.

Air pollution contributed to the deaths of at least 1.2 million Indians in 2017

The concentration of tiny particulate matter (known as PM2.5) in India is eight times the World Health Organization's standard.

Mexico: Violence against girls carried out by family members on rise

Almost 700,000 young women experienced some form of family violence in 2015.


MOXOS: A dream in the middle of the Amazon. Trailer part 1

Discover the journey of Andrea & Aida across the bolivian Amazon.


Red Shoe Movement | The movement behind #RedShoeTuesday

Red Shoe Movement | The movement behind #RedShoeTuesday

Building the world we dream.

Building the world we dream.

Ntirho Hi Twanano (trabajo en unión)

Ntirho Hi Twanano (trabajo en unión)

Ashoka's dream of empower new social leaders

Ashoka's dream of empower new social leaders

The coal mine that ate a forest

More than a third of Germany's electricity is still produced by burning coal - mostly dirty brown lignite - and environmental activists are ...

The world could save $1 billion a day by breastfeeding more

Breastfeeding can help prevent diarrhea and pneumonia, two major causes of infant death.

World's biggest iceberg is on the move

It's two years since the monster block of ice known as A68 broke free from Antarctica.

663 million children lack access to basic human rights

Multidimensional poverty considers things like access to food and clean water.

How hot cities could be in 2050

London could feel as hot as Barcelona by 2050, with Edinburgh's climate more like Paris, Leeds feeling like Melbourne and Cardiff like Monte...

India's water scarcity crisis

Crisis affects disproportionately to the poorest neighborhoods. Those who can afford it still have access to seemingly unlimited water.